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Hi, I’m Ell!

I'm a certified instructional designer and learning and development specialist with more than a decade experience in the L & D and ID fields.

I author and design training courses, playbooks, pull-up content, and interactive learning assets for organizations, including in-person, online, virtual, and blended learning modalities. I also design educative workshops and seminars.

It all starts with my thorough needs, task, and audience analyses, a focus on effective evaluation, and a collaborative approach!

I do my job well, so your job gets easier!

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My Certifications

  • instructional design specialist (ATD)         

  • master business consultancy (IAP)

  • working with SMEs to create content (ATD)            

  • learning design basics (ATD)

  • assessment for instructional design (ATD)        

  • developing content for learning needs (ATD)

  • selecting delivery methods & media in ID (ATD)      

  • the ADDIE model for instructional design (ATD)

  • developing learning outcomes & objectives (ATD)   

  • course design process (ATD)

  • designing & developing learning materials (ATD)    

  • evaluation for instructional design (ATD)

  • design thinking and rapid prototyping for ID (ATD)

  • master public relations consultancy            

  • human resource consultancy (IAP)

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Financial Report

My Education

Master's in Adult Education

with an emphasis in psychology

B.S. in Social Studies

with an emphasis in economics

Certified in Instructional Design (ATD)

Financial Report

needs, task, & learner analyses

course design, including scavenger hunts, quests, and chat wizards.

on-the-job pull-up content

microlearning assets

training workshops


ROI evaluation

Digital Book

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